Physiotherapy Services

Treatment options and services provided by our physiotherapists

Our physiotherapy staff have a broad range of education and are actively involved in expanding their knowledge through participation in ongoing continuing education.

Specialised equipment is available at both clinics:

Pilates reformers and trapeze table

Exercise bike


Real time ultrasound

Weights, fitballs, theratubing

Sole access to the Warnbro Aqua Jetty

Manual therapy and manipulation

All physiotherapists are highly trained in manual therapy techniques and will discuss the best options for you based on a thorough assessment.

Sports Injuries

A sports physiotherapist can devise comprehensive exercises and management plans to ensure a smooth return back to sport activity.

Pilates & Rehab

Each clinic is fully equipped with Clinical Pilates machines, fitballs, free weights, resistance tubing, exercise bike and treadmill.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is a technique used by our physiotherapists to stimulate certain points in the body to assist in reducing pain.


Sessions are conducted three times per week at the Warnbro Aqua Jetty when the pool is exclusively used by our clinics.

Mens & Womens Health

Pelvic floor dysfunction is increasingly prevalent with aging, particularly following childbirth and menopause.