Pilates & Rehab

Clinical Pilates set up for individualised exercise routines

Pilates is a form of exercise which engages core muscles, by focussing on posture and technique with specific exercises is various positions.

Clinical Pilates machines utilise the resistance of springs to help stretch and strengthen important supporting and stabilising muscles. It is a useful adjunct in the management of a large range of physical conditions including back and neck pain, postural problems, osteoporosis, knee and shoulder injuries.

Each clinic is fully equipped with Clinical Pilates machines, fitballs, free weights, resistance tubing, exercise bike and treadmill. All our physiotherapists are trained in Clinical Pilates and can set up individualised exercise routines to assist in recovery and better function.

We also have physiotherapists that have undergone specific training to assist in providing clients evidence based management for hip and knee osteoarthritis. This program is called GLA:D, and you can find more information on the GLA:D here.

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